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6351 S. Desert Blvd., Suite 210
El Paso, TX 79932

Dr. Jonathan Mendoza, Owner & Dentist

Dr. John Mendoza attended undergraduate school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he received his BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Then, he went on to receive his DDS from the University of the Pacific. Dr. Mendoza grew up dreaming about becoming a dentist. It all started when he had his own experience at the dentist that included stickers, water guns and lots of high-fives! He hopes to bring the fun of dentistry back in the El Paso community and help patients gain confidence through their smile.

When he’s not at the office, you might find Dr. Mendoza swimming, doing CrossFit or hanging out with his Goldendoodle, Maximus or his Labradoodle, Henry.

Dr. Alexander, Orthodontist

Dr. Alexander was born & raised in Odessa, TX before his family moved to Dallas, TX in 1975. Dr. Alexander graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1993 and the St. Louis University Department of Orthodontics in 1996. He is a part-time faculty member at St. Louis University where he lectures on the Alexander Discipline and other current orthodontic technologies.

Since graduation, Dr. Alexander has spent the majority of his career in a private-practice with his father, Dr. C Moody Alexander. He and his family developed the “Alexander Discipline” which is a popular orthodontic technique and philosophy worldwide.

Dr. Alexander specializes in offering his patients leading-edge orthodontic services and orthodontic appliances. Additionally, he is the past president of both the Greater Dallas Association of Orthodontists and the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists that includes thousands of orthodontists from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Kansas.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his 3 children that are in college, golfing or visiting the family ranch to go fishing & bird hunting.

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